The Thirteenth One

Written by:

Denyse Gervais Regan

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 9
  • Women: 10




Canadian History


90 min.

Year Written:



“Memory, love, and laughter fuel this beautiful story of Marie Louise, her husband, and their twelve children. The farm is failing, there’s trouble with the bank, and Marie Louise is pregnant again. Hope is almost lost. . . when a wealthy neighbour arrives with a proposal that will save the farm at an agonizing cost: she will help the family if she can adopt the unborn child–the thirteenth one. Marie Louise faces the decision of a lifetime. London playwright, Denyse Gervais Regan, celebrates the power of a mother’s love. Based on a true story.” (From the CPO Website)


Papa: 41 years old, gentle and soft spoken, happy with the simple things in life. He wears overalls and a straw hat. His white long-johns often can be seen under his work shirt. Sunday dress is dark pants or suit with white shirt and plain tie.

Mama: 37 years old with black hair with a white streak on her front right (caused by an accident). A loving, selfless mother, friendly, out-going and progressive. She was well-educated by the nuns, got her grade eight diploma and her grade ten piano.

Grandmama: has grey hair which is pulled back into a bun. She wears long ankle-length dresses and long aprons.

Louis: 17 years old. A quiet, husky, hard-working man.

Telesphore: 15 years old. A live-wire and a tease, very interested in his appearance and in girls.

Majella: A fun-loving 13-year-old with a great joie de vivre who had rickets as a child and as a result is very bow-legged and wears high-top dark boots attached to leather and wood braces.

Adrien: 12 years old. Small, short red curls with freckles.

Henri: 11 years old. Black curly hair, sincere, the sensitive one, plays the fiddle. The mother lacked the proper nutrition during pregnancy and as a result four of these children are born with no enamel on their teeth. He has brown teeth – no enamel.

Laurent: 10 years old – long curly hair, a mischievous tease. Has no enamel on his teeth.

Therese: 8 years old. Small, redhead, domesticated, neat and tidy. No enamel on her teeth.

Marie-Ange: 7 1/2 years old. Shoulder length, very kinky, curly red hair which she hates. A tomboy.

Marcel: 6 years old. Black curly hair.

Estelle: 4 years old, has black hair. Lively, inquisitive and talkative. Always carries her rag doll.

Charles: 2 1/2 years old. Brown teeth, no enamel (the 14th child is born 2 years later with no enamel).

Celine: 1 1/2 year old baby. Black curly hair. A doll could be used in some scenes.

Denyse: played by a doll.

Mrs. Daye: an elegant well-dressed English lady wearing high heels and many bracelets.

Priest: A young man dressed in a black cassock and black hat. A black three-pointed hat and stole are worn for the Extreme Unction scene. Note: Louis can play this double role.

Annette: A fun-loving neighbour friend.

First Produced:

2005, Blyth Festival Theatre


The Thirteenth One is available through the CPO Website.

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