The Trigger

Written by:

Carmen Aguirre

Artist/Creator(s) Identify As:

Person/People of Colour

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Women: 5




Sexual Violence

Year Written:



The Trigger is for the 170 victims of the Paper Bag Rapist, their families, the communities affected by this predator, and every human being who has ever been sexually violated and lives with that experience in their core–an experience that comes to the surface in intimate relationships, because, let’s face it, when one is raped, there is physical intimacy with the attacker. The Trigger deals with the ripples of this kind of violation.” (From the CPO Website)


Carmen / He / Macarena / Chuck / Bob / Hypnotist / Constable O’Connor / Nurse / Father / Various Girls and Women / Trapeze Artist / Live Musician

First Produced:

2005, Vancouver East Cultural Centre


The Trigger is available through the CPO Website.

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The play should be performed by five women. One of the women will play both CARMEN and HE. The TRAPEZE ARTIST will play the role of MACARENA. The lead MUSICIAN will create a live soundscape using an array of instruments (such as trumpet, keyboard and drums) and found objects. Two musicians/actors will play an assortment of instruments (such as violin and guitar) and take on the smaller roles in the play.

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This play deals with sexual assault.