There’ll be Bluebirds Over: A Birdie French Radio Mystery

Written by:

Rose Scollard

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 7
  • Women: 8




World War II


30 min.

Year Written:



“We struck it lucky at JubeJubes, a quasi-continental bistro set back from the avenue and decorated with hanging sausages and giant tins of anchovies. We approached a waitress in a sleeveless black dress and pimento red lips. Her hair could have held its own among King Tut’s treasures. She had indeed seen Harold and she thought he was one spooky guy. When we asked her why, she said, Well, he was acting like it was World War Two, eh? How I know it was World War Two was I just saw “Waterloo Bridge” at the Plaza. He got upset at how we had all our lights on and the enemy would know where to drop the bombs… He said he had to get back to base. And he said if he didn’t get back here everyone was gonna die.” (From the CPO Website)


Birdie French / Jordan Wilde / Millie Wilde / Jordan’s mother (English) / Katy Harding / Librarian / Doctor / Desk Clerk / Arthur French / Birdie’s Dad / Antoinette French / Birdie’s Mother (English) / Waitress / Captain Enright (English) / Joe (English) / Curator / Howard Wilde / Jordan’s Father (English)

First Produced:

1993, CBC Radio


There’ll be Bluebirds Over: A Birdie French Radio Mystery is available through the CPO Website.

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There’ll Be Bluebirds Over is one of the radio mysteries from Birdie French, Private Investigator, a 6-part radio drama series produced by the CBC in 1993 as part of their Mystery Series.