To Grandmother’s House We Go

Written by:

Joanna McClelland Glass

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 2
  • Women: 6






120 min.

Year Written:



“Three generations of family gather at Grandie’s house in Connecticut in To Grandmother’s House We Go. The tradition of the young taking care of the old is reversed as the marital anarchy of the younger generation (30’s) lays its angst and requests at the old lady’s feet.” (From the CPO¬†Website)


Grandie: Emma, an elegant, widowed woman, 81.

Harriet: Grandie’s daughter, 57, mother of three. Harriet was widowed at 30. She is a strong, substantial woman of few words.

Muffy: Harriet’s daughter, 28. A lost waif, an urchin.

Clementine: An Irish woman, four years Grandie’s junior, 76. She came to the house as a Nanny but now serves as cook/companion, housekeeper.

Jared: Grandie’s handsome brother, widowed, 75.

Beatrice: Harriet’s daughter, 33. A deeply wounded woman who wears her scars on her sleeves.

Paul: Harriet’s son, 36. A good-looking man who has been buffeted by the events of his life, but who remains gentle, cheerful, without rancor.

Twyla: A California real estate agent, 26. She is Paul’s “intended.” She, too, is essentially cheerful, friendly, a straight arrow without airs or artifice.

First Produced:

1981, Biltmore Theatre


To Grandmother’s House We Go is available through the CPO Website.

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Also produced by Canadian Stage Company in 1992.