Written by:

Jill Remez

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 3
  • Women: 23




20th Century
World War II


85 min.

Year Written:



In November 1938 in the ethnically German “free city” of Danzig, following Kristallnacht, a Jewish couple—Helen and Jesko—make plans to emigrate to the United States as soon as possible. They, and the entire Jewish community are helped by businessman, Hermann Zvi Segal, an historical figure, who had connections in high places. Meanwhile, in a parallel narrative following the January 6, 2021 insurrection on the U.S. Capitol, Helen and Jesko’s granddaughter, Susan, fears that history is repeating itself and considers emigrating in the opposite direction from the United States to Europe. Susan’s husband and adult daughter, argue she is being hyperbolic and suggest that the second impeachment will staunch the rise of authoritarianism in America but perhaps Susan’s fear is justified and it’s time to pack up.


Susan Hirsch – Female, 50’s – She is married to Galen and is the mother of Moira. She works for an NGO. She has become disillusioned with the way of the world.
Galen Hirsch – Male, 50’s – Susan’s husband, he works as an economist for The Bureau of Labor Statistics. He is easy going and prefers to avoid conflict.

Moira Hirsch – Female, mid to late 20’s – The daughter of Susan and Galen. She is an idealistic journalist.

1938 (Characters should have German accents)
Helen Levy – Female, early 30’s – German born, she is the great grandmother of Susan and the wife of Jesko. Once a hopeful person she is now coming up against the realities of her world.

Jesko Levy – Male, mid 30’s – A Danziger, he is a pragmatic business man and a leader in his community.

Zvi Segall – Male, late 30’s – A Danziger, based on a real person, Zvi is a business man who helps to save the Jews of Danzig in 1938. Later, he emigrated to Israel and was one of 37 signers of the Israeli Declaration of Independence.


To access the play you can contact the playwright at jremez@gmail.com