What Glorious Times They Had, or How the Women Won the Vote

Written by:

Diane Grant, and Company

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 10
  • Women: 11




Canadian History
Women's Rights


90 min.

Year Written:



“The play traces the efforts of the suffragists, led by Nellie McClung and the Political Equality League, to win the vote in pre-World War I Canada. The play combines the themes of politics, prohibition and suffrage, but treats them with liberal amounts of humour, music and vitality. The result makes for a fast-moving, free-wheeling evening’s entertainment.” (From the CPO Website)


Sir Rodmond Roblin: the Premier of Manitoba; a portly dignified man in his early sixties

P.T. Fletcher: the parliamentary secretary to Sir Rodmond Roblin

Nellie McClung: a social reformer, novelist and suffragist; an attractive woman in her fifties

Frances Beynon: a journalist and suffragist

Lillian Beynon Thomas: a journalist and suffragist, Frances’ sister

E. Cora Hind: an agriculture expert and journalist, a forceful woman in her early fifties

Mr. Wilson: a rancher form Calgary, Alberta

Gerry: an insurance clerk

Mr. Black: Gerry’s boss

Adelaide Roblin: the wife to Sir Rodmond Roblin

Mr. Ackroyd: a factory owner

Two factory women: Mr. Ackroyd’s employees

C.P. Walker: a theatre magnate

A man: petitioner for male suffrage

A chairwoman

Evelyn: an Eastern woman

Millicent: Evelyn’s sister

Tobias Crawford Norris: leader of the Liberal party, a man in his early fifties

Various Members of the Legislative Assemble – male cast members

Various Members of the Mock Parliament – female cast members

First Produced:

1974, Redlight Theatre


What Glorious Times They Had, or How the Women Won the Vote is available through the CPO Website. Also published by Dundurn.

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Roles can be doubled.

An overview of Nellie McClung and her work can be found on the Canadian Encyclopedia website here.