When I Meet My Mother

Written by:

Kathleen McCreery

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 24
  • People of Colour: 11
  • Women: 15




Sex Work


40 min.

Year Written:



Set in Brazil, the play tells the story of a gang of teenagers who sleep, eat, work, play, sniff glue and drink, fall in love and die on the streets of the city. Each has a unique history, a distinct personality, each longs for something better, but fears losing the security the gang provides. It seems Ana might make it, she’s been offered a place in a shelter. But then the vigilantes close in…


The gang of street children:
Ana – returns to the group from a girls’ home after an absence
Antonio – asthmatic, no identity papers, so no treatment
Cesar – senior member of the gang
Christiane – one of the youngest and boldest
Luis – fond of Ana, still lives with his mother and sister whom he cares for. Kidney problems.
Marco – some schooling, dreams of going to America
Priscilla – left a job as a maid because of abuse.
Renata – 15, sex worker

Additional Characters:
Peasant family
Taxi Driver
Well-to-do shopper
Two students
Middle aged man
Felix – drug dealer
Joao – police officer
Nei – police officer
Senhor Alves – corrupt businessman
Two tourists
Two shopkeepers
Unemployed man
Woman shopper
Woman with baby
Esther – former street girl now working in the girls’ home where Ana has been staying
Luis’ mother
Radio announcer
Four Demonstrators
Speaker of the House
Three senators
Group of men

Casting: Please note that many of the smaller roles are not gender-specific, so the playwright has only given the numbers for characters who would definitely be M/F.. Most street children in Brazil are black, some are indigenous, a few are white. The playwright has listed those who would definitely be black, the other roles can certainly be played by POC, Indigenous, and white actors, 2SLGBTQIA+ and people with disabilities.

First Produced:

1 of 3 new plays under the title 'Shadows in the Sun' commissioned by Cheshire Drama Education Services for Cheshire Youth Theatre, UK, the culmination of a year long playwriting project for young people in collaboration with Chester Gateway Theatre and the Arts Council of Great Britain


The play can be accessed by emailing the playwright at kath@kathmc.com or at ‘In the Continuum and other plays’, (schools edition) by Rory Killalea, Weaver Press