When She Was Good

Written by:

Meredith Taylor-Parry

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 1
  • Women: 4


Dark Comedy




105 min.

Year Written:



“With a little help from a childhood friend, Samantha tells us a dark and comedic tale about motherhood, a medium and her obsession with the worst mother of all time.

When She Was Good was shortlisted for Fem Fest 2020 hosted by Sarasvati Productions and will be a part of “Shorts from the Short-List” coordinated and directed by Tatiana Carnevale.
The script was developed as a partial requirement of the Master of Fine Arts Degree at the
University of Calgary under the guidance of Professor Clem Martini. It received 3 three staged
readings as part of the School of Creative and Performing Arts Alchemy Festival in 2018.” (From the CPO Website)


SAMANTHA (30) an ordinary woman who desires more than anything to be a good mother but her deepest fear, the one she cannot share, is that she has the capacity to be a horrible one.

MARY (34) is a fictional character inspired by the driver responsible for one of the most tragic accidents in New York State history. After driving almost 2 miles in the wrong direction on the Taconic Parkway in July 2009, Diane Schuler caused a collision that killed seven people and herself; four of them young children. Many assumed that Diane, described as the perfect mother by all her knew her, must have experienced a medical event that afternoon. When toxicology reports were later released she was found to have had the equivalent of 10 drinks as well as THC in her system. Her husband remains in denial and asserts that Diane did not drink.

RICHARD (31) is on top of the world. He has a beautiful wife, a new job, a new baby and they’ve just moved into an upscale Toronto neighbourhood. Of course the added responsibilities will take some adjusting to, but he is confident Samantha will get back to her old self once the baby blues pass.

CHRISTINE (39) is a medium. She didn’t set out to be a con artist but her supernatural skills aren’t always reliable and the job requires her to give answers whether she is receiving them or not. She is quite unprepared to meet Mary.

PHYLLIS (54) is looking forward to spending time with her son’s new baby and is determined not to be a meddling mother in law. She just wants to be helpful.

MONKEY/HARRY is a puppet. He is just there for fun, or maybe emotional support? He speaks in the hoots, hollers and sounds of monkey lingo. (Note to the puppeteer: ? – denotes a question, ! – an expression of alarm or maybe anger, … – could be anything, use the text to help you and improvise.)


When She Was Good is available through the Canadian Play Outlet.

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