Whiskey Six Cadenza

Written by:

Sharon Pollock

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 7
  • Women: 4





Year Written:



Whiskey Six Cadenza is set in the town of Blairmore, nestled in the Crow’s Nest Pass, just after WWI. The play raises questions about the power of parents over the lives of their children, and about the ironies and attendant responsibilities of free choice.” (From the CPO¬†Website)


Mr. Big: a man in his sixties / Mama George: his wife of about the same age / Leah: a girl in her late teens, last name unknown / Johnny Farley: a young man, about twenty / Mrs. Farley: Johnny’s mother / Cec Farley: a miner, and Johnny’s father / Will Farley: a miner, and Johnny’s older brother / William Windsor, aka, Bill the Brit: a member of the Prohibition Police / Dolly Danielle: Will’s girlfriend, same age as Leah / Gompers: an employee of Mr. Big / Old Sump: elderly miner / Widow Popovitch: an older woman (double with Mrs. Farley) / Constable: seen, no lines (double with Will / Voice of the Trainman / Blaire Marching Band)


Whiskey Six Cadenza is available in Sharon Pollock: Collected Works, Volume Two, through the CPO Website.

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