Wining and Dying

Written by:

Katherine Albers

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 6
  • Women: 7






50 min.

Year Written:



“In Wining and Dying, when award-winning vintner Hugh Martin is found dead in his own Niagara wine cellar, very few tears are shed for him. But as the extent of the cad’s loathsome deeds is uncovered, the number of suspects grows. Who hated him enough to kill him – and what will they do to get away with it?” (From the CPO Website)


AIMEE (or AMY) MARTIN, a serious, competent woman in her late thirties. Winemaker and co-owner, with her husband Hugh, of Martin Estates Wineries

DESIREE DUFOUR, Aimee’s elegant older sister

DAMON, hunky co-owner of Double D Catering

BERNARD RIDGEWAY, Desiree’s ex-husband and vineyard manager at Martin Estates Wineries

RALPH MARTIN, Hugh’s doddering, confused father

TERRY MCDONALD, an ambitious journalist on the local paper, the Niagara Courier

ANTOINE LEPOSEUR, a snobby wine critic from France

ALEX ZABORSKI, rival winery owner with designs on Aimee

DARLA, Damon’s partner

SHEILAH, accountant for Martin Estates Wineries

CHUCK WEBSTER, a sailing buddy of Hugh’s

SHANNON RIDGEWAY, Desiree and Bernard’s adopted daughter, approx. 20 years of age

LEE NEAL, officer investigating the death

First Produced:

2003, Niagara Underground Theatrical Society


Wining and Dying is available through CPO Website.

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