Written by:

Rebecca Fisseha

Artist/Creator(s) Identify As:

Person/People of Colour

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 3
  • People of Colour: 7
  • Women: 5






90 min.

Year Written:



Wise.Woman is a play which involves a modern tangle of relationships, self-discovery, and a revealing journey into the old world of an East African dynasty. The story follows Saba’s journey from home in Canada, back to her ancestral home in Ethiopia, where she plans to marry her childhood sweetheart Solomon.

Going home is not always easy, especially when Saba gets wrapped up in her travel to the tomb ruins where the ancient Queen of Sheba rests. This awakens her own buried yearning about home, even while she has to deal with new relationships and customs she had not really considered before.

Will her new discoveries fulfill the longings she carried when she left ‘home’ for ‘home’?


Saba: An Ethiopian-Canadian in her twenties, Solomon’s childhood sweetheart.
Solomon: An Ethiopian in his twenties, Saba’s childhood sweetheart.

Queen Mak’da: Ruler of the queendom of Axum in East Africa.

Tamara: Royal advisor to Queen Mak’da. In the modern setting: Solomon’s sometime girlfriend.

King Solomon: Ruler of the ancient kingdom of Judah in the Near East.

Ashmodai: Royal advisor to King Solomon. In the modern setting: a layabout in Solomon’s employ, friend to Tamara.

Tamrin: Queen Mak’da’s merchant. In the modern setting: Store Owner and Customer.

Throughout, Tamrin is a shadow figure who serves as a connecting thread between the worlds, as a window into private thoughts and as a conjurer of sensations.

First Produced:

February 20- March 8, 2009, The Theatre Centre, Toronto


The play can be accessed by emailing marilyn@transatlanticagency.com.