The Adventures of Monsieur Maurice and his Bridal Emporium

Written by:

Anne MacMillan

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 3
  • Women: 4






85 min.

Year Written:



“Step into the world of The Adventures of Monsieur Maurice and his Bridal Emporium for a comic romp, featuring an extravagant artistic designer, his assistant keeping it all together, a mean landlord, a tough mama, a beautiful bride, a buxom wench, a beading expert and a shocking finale.” (from the CPO Website).


Monsieur Maurice: A tall, elegant, charismatic French bridal gown designer, with an involuntary comic twist. Exuberant. Excellent French pronunciation required.

Marie Hart: His assistant. A blue-stocking. Quick, business-like. Tries to keep Maurice on his toes. Any age, lively.

Jack Groaner: Landlord. A tough, charismatic character. Self-made. Owns several properties and doesn’t spend his cash readily. 20s-30s.

Cecil Peregrene-Smyth: Has seen it all, done it all and has a great deal of respect for his own talent as the last of the great beaders. Has a highly developed artistic sensibility. Any age from 30s up.

Susan La Grand: A tall, exquisite, spoiled dark-haired girl. Comic timing. 20s.

(Mummy) Mrs. La Grand: Commanding presence. Comic timing. Mid-40s to 50s+.

Bessie Jordansky: A Queen from the Amazon. A Boadicea. 20s to 30s.

Phoebe Allsorts: A cameo of M. Maurice’s enemy.

First Produced:

2012, Alumnae Theatre, Toronto, ON


The Adventures of Monsieur Maurice and his Bridal Emporium is available through the CPO Website.

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